Monday, May 23, 2011


Saturday my sister and I ventured into the East Village to get haircuts. With much persuading my sister cut her hair into an Anna Karina bob. And I was inspired by Patti Smith to shave a part of my head, Don't worry it is still long, just added a little point of interest. Next, I ducked into some of my favorite Manhattan vintage shops, I wanted this 1930s party dress so bad but it was way out of my comfort zone price wise. We then stopped at my old church, lit some candles and headed to Soho.
My sister split the scene and I window shopped my favorite spots. I cannot believe I successfully bought NOTHING in Soho. Pat on the back.

I had it in my mind that I was going to buy myself something Anna Sui but opted out, instead I met Anna Sui herself. Apparently, she was shopping the store with her niece, I chatted with her for a minute and she let me take a picture with her. She was such a sweet lady, I walked away in shock that I had just met one of my fashion idols.

Later in Brooklyn I met up with some old friends, we ended the night at 4 am in Oslo a coffee shop at which our friend works. The shop was closed only to be opened for us to drink some Chamomile tea and eat Almond paste Croissants. We are Very Important People ;)

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