Sunday, November 30, 2008

November Girl

Maris is as lovely as she can be. I met her at my vintage booth after having found her on myspace...cyber friends rule!!! Quite the entrepreneur, she hosts her own night called Happy Valley Friday nights downtown Nashville.
Name: Maris Hickey

Interests: My life pretty much revolves around art, music, fashion, and throwing parties (Happy Valley). Other little things I enjoy in life are (in no particular order)... Strawberry ice cream with sprinkles on top, gramophones, tea, tuxedo t-shirts, yoga, bike rides around a cool southern city, putting peacock feathers in my hair, outdoor concerts and hanging out on a comfy blanket.

How long have you lived in Nashville? I moved to Nashville when I was 4 years old. For a period of 4 years I was on Nashville-hiatus while I attended college, so I'd say a spotty 20 years.

What do you love about Nashville? Cowboy boots and southern rock and roll.

What do you hate about Nashville? The conservative side and not enough vegetarian restaurants!

What is your favorite Nashville spot? I can always go for a drink at the Boundry.

Who is your favorite Nashvillian living or dead? Bettie Page.

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