Friday, November 14, 2008

Couture Crazy.

In a recent post I read that couture designers are lowering prices and consumers are trying to cut back on extravagant spending habits due to the economy. However, consumers can still justify buying a pair of $200 sunglasses as opposed to a pair of $400 sunglasses...go figure. I am an advocate of shopping at places that host designer merch for way cheap. Sure it is past season, but who cares. Places such as UAL, SFA Outlet have bomb ass stuff for a fraction of the original price. Last week I bought a Chloe dress at UAL originally marked at $2200 for 90% the math. While I felt a bit guilty, it felt good to know that I was taking home a piece of couture that will be in my wardrobe for a good long time. My justification is while we are in an economic crisis, if you have spending money to spare, invest in your wardrobe. Buy classics that are good quality and will stick around for years instead of cheap throwaways. THE END

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