Monday, May 11, 2009

Alphonse Mucha

This is one of my favorite artists.
Alphonse Mucha was one of the founding members of the Art Nouveau movement in Paris. He is of Czech descent, but spent most of his career in Paris. His major success came when the most famous actress of the time, Sarah Bernhardt commissioned him to do a poster for her next performance. She was so impressed by his creation, that she entered a 6 year contract with him as her personal artist. I scored one of his prints at Goodwill for 6.99. It is truly one of my faves!!!!!!


molly said...

wow, gorgeous
do you know the psychedelic poster artist bob masse? i think he must base a lot of his pictures off alphonse mucha

loveroffashion said...

I love Bob Masse! I actually have a signed print of the Yardbirds by good! I do think that a lot of artists of the psychedelic era got inspiration from the Nouveau artists.