Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Met Gala "Model as Muse"

I think it is so cool that this year's fashion exhibit at the Met is Model as Muse. I developed a fascination with models at a very early age. I posted pictures of all of my favorite models until I had an entire room filled with fashion magazines. I used to subscribe to the magazine Model I don't know if you guys remember it, but it only spanned about 12 issues and Helena Christensen was on the first cover. I was obsessed, I practiced posing only to find that my 5 ft 2 frame would never be fashionable...oh well.

I thought it would be cool to do a post of some of my favorite models. I was going to pictures of what people wore to the event. However,I was mostly appalled by what people wore. Stella, Liv Tyler, Kate Hudson, Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth all looked fab from what I've seen so far!! But who the hell told Madonna to wear that hideous excuse for an outfit??

to see the actual exhibit click here Model as Muse

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