Monday, May 18, 2009

Piano Men!!

The Billy Joel and Elton John show Saturday nite was so much fun!! Billy Joel invited my dad up to play a song with him. They rocked the house seriously!! I wore my Moschino wedges, the pictures don't really do the gold sequins on the shoes justice, but they have been named my "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" shoes!!


Baybay Mama said...

Dude, who is your dad and he was rocking with Billy Joel? OMG. (I call people dude sincerely don't take it weird). BTW those those are magical.

Your photos are amazing:)

I love the rock n' roll stuff.

loveroffashion said...

My pops was the lead singer in the Young Rascals!! Billy Joel is a HUGE fan!!

Thanks for the props darlin!