Monday, May 4, 2009

A Fashionable Cause

In the May issue of Elle Magazine I read about a clothing line that is literally minutes away from my front door. The clothing line is called Prophetik and is designed by Jeff Garner, who splits his time between TN, CA and Asia. Prophetik is a line that is not only very fashionable, but also socially aware. I was interested in learning more about his work so I tracked him down to ask a few questions, here they are..

I recently found a blurb about you in Elle magazine.
Tell me a little bit about your line?

Eight years ago, Prophetik (wearable philosophy) was born as a calling to design positive statement driven garments in an industry that was more about bling and buzz. Prophetik is a lifestyle brand providing certified organic cotton and sustainable fabric manufacturing in TN practicing social responsibility defining inspirational sustainable euro street wear that serves a purpose and is a visual manifestation of art, love, poetry, and the freedom found from within.
How old were you when you first began designing? What prompted you to do so?
I was my daughter’s age, 6 years old stealthily sneaking into my sister’s bedroom to borrow her Barbie sketch pad to sketch designs hidden behind the closed attic closet doors. The prompting was the inner voice loudly speaking visual concepts that I had to get out.

I read about your Elephant art “Elle” dress for charity(see above photos), First, I am interested in your work with Elephants. How long have you been working with Elephants? And how did you come up with the idea to incorporate this charity into your line?

Elephants are amazing creatures having such a vital impact on our eco fun fact is that their dung basically fertilizes at the ratio of 1 elephant per 500 is so nutrient rich for they only absorb about half of the nutrients and export the other half. Prophetik began working with the Asian Elephant Art and Conservation project this year for we choose one charity per year to help support and garner awareness to their needs etc. The idea of elephants such a big mammal doing something so sensitive and artistic as painting on organic fabric to make an amazing classic dress just was right in front of with the help of elephant art the vision was made possible.
I know you are partly based In Nashville, what are some of your favorite spots?
Edwin Warner park on my motorcycle
Liepers Fork on my horse
Rumours Wine bar outside porch with buds
the Private Patterson House with my celeb guests and meetings to avoid the scenester crowds
What do you think of the burgeoning fashion scene in Nashville?

I don’t know how to properly answer this question...I support the young creative energy of the fashion students by speaking in different universities and after every local fashion show we do like at Posh in Nashville and our design studio in downtown Franklin more and more students approach us full of inspiration...its great to be challenge is hearing “businesses” trying to capitalize off of trying to make a fashion scene in Nashville, like I keep hearing about some fashion group of Nashville and other entities that just really don’t get the fashion industry; and it gives Nashville a negative wrap. For it is obvious when one is trying to become something they are not. I think in order for Nashville to truly become a fashion scene it would have to be overpopulated, polluted, and as materialistic as LA and NY that drive themselves on image which I don’t believe the TN born and raised like myself would ever inspire it to become. The Harpeth River and the open farms are way too pretty to sacrifice for something so trendy....the heart of Nashville is in its true beauty that is not fake...the inspiring music artists that live here, that thrift shop on Elliston and east Nashville and make it their own....the country boys that don’t read Vogue and go out in dirty wranglers but clean white button down straight from the farm....the prep schools with their polos, khakis and plaid ties...everyone is just being themselves and their clothes are an extension of self and that is true fashion not what someone markets to be the next trend... I have traveled the world and lived in Florence, Italy studying art and fashion and lived in Malibu, CA working in Entertainment and the more I realize its not about what we pretend to be its about who we truly the closer we know our self the more in tune with our style we become and that is what makes one radiate for it is from within and the walk of confidence is found as one struts across the Steeplechase field wearing an organic silk cocktail ivory dress painted by elephants in Thailand.

Do you consider yourself a designer or an activist, or both?

I consider myself living life to its fullest with a voice that is in tune and an eye that sees.

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