Friday, May 1, 2009


Ok! So I got a lot done yesterday, let me begin with going to Davis Kidd to grab my fave French magazine Jalouse. Now, the one thing I HATE about living in Nashville is getting issues waaaaay late. I like to be right on top of whatever is hot off the press, and it is nearly impossible for some reason to get your copies on time. Unlike NY where I spent massive amounts of ca$h for my mags the day they hit the shelves. Anywayz New Yorkers bear with me, I got my March 09 issue and was psyched when I saw that Theodora Richards was on the cover! Not to mention the editorials are SICK. My fave spread is Mary Poppin, shot by Amy Sioux and styled impeccably by Anne Sophie Thomas. I love the mix of texture and pattern, anything with lame' and I am sold...pretty much,oh and Mary Poppins is one of my heroes...

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