Monday, September 14, 2009

Trick Question.

I went to Opry Mills today to blow off some steam. For my readers that do not know what Opry Mills is, it is a colossal outlet mall with some of the strangest and greatest vendors ever!! It is just the place to go when you are trying to forget about everything for just a moment. OM is a good place to people watch and catch trends for better or for worse. One of my stops is always Forever 21. I am always fascinated by the amount of cool stuff that store churns out. Every time I go in there, I walk out with something, it is unreal. What I love most about F21 is that if you choose your items carefully they mix perfectly with designer duds, in fact no one will even question your choice, they will just assume it is expensive...For example I have styled my "supposed" NY Fashion Week outfit, try to guess which piece is F21????


Baybay Mama said...

I guess the onesy. I love F21. You are totally right that they mix well with basically annything in your closet.

Marie said...

I agree, I often see their things online or in mags and am surprised at how great they arefor the price! I will take a guess...I usually love their jewelry-they have inspired neclaces, so is it the ring?
Lemondrop Vintage

Mizzie said...

The jumpsuit? They are great. But not the best quality. Although I have had a couple of things from there that have lasted years. Like the outfit.

loveroffashion said...

Ok. so to answer the "trick question"
it is indeed the jumpsuit, I think it looks as chic as any that I've seen on the runway for fall!!