Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fun Times in Fayatteville

I'm back from my 3 day vacay! My best friend Lee and I took a road trip to Fayetteville, TN over the weekend.
I had three days off from work so I called her up and we hit the road. Our intention was to go somewhere not too far from home, but far enough to decompress and find all the antique and second hand stores we could. We stayed with her Aunt in her charming 100 year old home. Right when we arrived we dumped our bags and headed to Sirs Fabric. Apparenty, Fayetteville was once a mecca for textile mills and dress manufacturers. The only surviving textile supply is Sirs, it is a seamstress paradise. Rows and rows of gorgeous fabrics and notions for ridiculously cheap prices. After I grabbed some goodies we headed for a bite to eat, though food was very much the afterthought of the trip ;). I hit up the second hand shops of Fayatteville and scored some pretty rad digs for the shop!! The next day we awoke to some of her aunts delicious home made bran muffins the set out on another adventure. Her Aunt volunteers at the local museum and had the key to let us in on a Sunday...so very VIP! It was a cute little museum showcasing the town's history and claims to fame. We found more quaint shops then headed back to catch a movie at Lincoln Theater. A real old cinema! Monday morning we awoke and set out to a great brunch at a restauraunt called Cahoots, it is a converted prison...kinda creepy but super cool. We then headed home to Nashville, but stopped at about every junk store on the way home...I found a silk 1940s scarf with a wood nymph on it :) Our last stop was Goodwill in Lewisburg where I bumped into my friend Tim, that I met selling jewelry, out at the flea market. I am kicking myself for not getting a picture with him. I did manage a picture of myself with possibly the greatest church hat I've ever seen and a Picasso print, that I passed up.

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