Thursday, October 21, 2010

Parlour's Pass Ups.

I am so excited! I am styling a shoot today with the one and only Dylan Reyes!
Here are my pass ups for the week. You can really tell Fayatteville was a thriving textile town because the second hand shops boasted some of the richest prints I have ever seen!!
Check em out

1. Two words, Moo Moo.
2. Great shirt Great fabric, cigarette holes
3.Polyester nightmare
4. This fabric on this dress took my breath away but the cut was horrible
5. Polyester nightmare
6. Granny Cut
7. perfect print, but the collar on this shirt was hideous
8. Calico greatness! too homemade
9. This jacket with the deco print was awesome, some of the fabric was warped :(
10. More calico

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