Saturday, October 9, 2010

Parlour's Pass Ups.

1. Why are great fabrics made in crappy materials?
2. Totally should have grabbed this vintage Cardin garment bag...kicking myself.
3. This print was stellar, but it was a granny house dress.
4. Amazing print and colors, polyester tent dress blah.
5.Totally would have bought this, crappy material and all, but it had a cigarette hole in it :(
6. Polyester, horrible cut.
7.horrible shirt, amazing print.
8. Chicos makes some fabulous fabrics :)
9. read number 1.
10. I loved this print, but I think it was an Anthrolpologie circa 2000 top.
11. Read number 9
12.This bird print knocked my socks off, the print was so modern but it was most definitely a 1970s poet shirt...wrong combo.
13. Two Words...FAKE FENDI
14. Loved this top, but the pits smelled really bad
15. Horsebit anything rocks my world, except badly cut dresses.
16.This was the most devastating of all, the most amazing vintage disco chevron stripe skirt, holes all over it near the way to possibly repair it :(

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